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Our affiliate program provides a 7% remuneration to our partners on the sales made.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you make money with Goldixa?

Goldixa has a very large customer target. Precisely for this reason, marketing activities, in all their facets, are an essential part of the site.

Among these, the affiliation activity allows anyone to be able to "advertise" Goldixa and get a 7% gain in return!

Goldixa "pays" its affiliates to advertise their products.

Who is a Goldixa affiliate?
How can an affiliate promote Goldixa?
How does affiliate tracking work and how long does it last?
Where should I promote Goldixa?
Where can I not promote Goldixa?
Can I use social media to promote my Goldixa affiliation?
What are the commissions and earnings for Goldixa affiliates?
Is it possible to check your "affiliate" job and view statistics?
When can I cash out my earnings?
Are there any limitations?
What happens to those who practice incorrect operations?


  • Headquarters: via A. Panella
  • (c/c Carrefour) 67100 L'Aquila (Italy)
  • Tel (+39) 862 292993
  •  Sales Point Bazzano: S.S. 17 bis
  • (c/c Piccinini) 67100 Bazzano (AQ) Italy
  • Tel (+39) 862 292587
  • Email
  • Open hours: Monday - Saturday 9/20 e Sunday 10/13 | 16/20
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